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  • I suffered from a repetitive stress injury that prevented me from typing and performing simple tasks. Doctors told me to wrap my wrists, take large doses of ibuprofen, and not to use my hands. One and on-half months later, I was not getting better. After four acupuncture visits I had no more pain and was back on track with schoolwork.

    Linda A.

  • Because of a kidney transplant, I take powerful immune suppressant medications that have caused me serious side effects. With herbal and acupuncture treatments, Barbra works to balance my system even in the face of the drugs I take. I no longer take daily ulcer medications, for instance. Having the Chinese perspective giving a balance to the allopathic system I am dependent on helps me feel confident of my health. Barbra is a caring, knowledgeable and professional member of my health care team.


  • I had been struggling with chronic fatigue for five years when I was referred to Barbra. My experience with the medical establishment had been counterproductive. To my surprise, the acupuncture treatment was painless and very relaxing. Barbra was always available to answer my questions about Chinese Medicine, the body, diet and stress. Her approach is a holistic one, committed to patient empowerment and responsibility in the healing process. After eight months my symptoms have diminished and I feel more alive and balanced. My immune system is strong again and I am learning how to keep it that way.

    Anita A.

  • Several years ago I was diagnosed with a herniated disc. I could not work, drive, go to a movie, even open a window. I was depressed and in chronic pain. As part of my "healing process," I received weekly acupuncture from Barbra. It left me deeply relaxed, anxiety and pain free for days at time. I was impressed with Barbra’s willingness to work with both my chiropractor and physical therapist. Her warmth and encouragement helped me believe my back would heal. Now I live and work completely pain free and can drive and backpack and boogie. I am grateful to Barbra and to acupuncture for their role in my healing. P.S. My medical insurance paid for acupuncture!

    Joan L.

  • When I first went to Barbra for help, the arthritis pain in my knees was so severe that there were days when I could hardly walk. My swollen feet and ankles only added to the discomfort. I was taking prescription medication and was getting periodic injections of cortisone, but nothing really seemed to help. Within a month, I was walking with little – and sometimes no– pain, and had dramatically reduced the amount of medication I was taking. The swelling was virtually gone. Weekly and sometimes less frequent treatments, and the Chinese herbs I am taking, are really making a change in my life! Where once I could barely walk, now I am — metaphorically and sometimes literally – dancing.

    Bill T.

  • My neck problems began with a viral inflammation of the nerves and continued due to the stress of law school. I was very unhappy with the treatment the school doctor prescribed (anti-inflammatory medication) so I decided to try acupuncture for the first time. Barbra creates such a soothing atmosphere in the office that I wasn’t in the least bit nervous on my first visit, and I left the office feeling balanced and energized. The treatment gradually eliminated my neck pain, and Barbra suggested several ways through with I could manage the stress that was causing the pain to flair up. She even taught my stress-reduction exercises and activities that I can do at work or at school!

    Deanna S.