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    • Are the needles safe?

      Only sterile, disposable needles are used for the treatments.

    • Are there side effects?

      Yes!  Good ones!  Most people experience a feeling of relaxation following a treatment.  One of the real advantages of acupuncture is the lack of negative side effects.

    • Does it hurt?

      This is probably the most often asked question. The stainless steel needles used in acupuncture are very fine and flexible. They are inserted quickly, with relatively little discomfort.

    • How many treatments are necessary?

      Every person is unique, so treatment plans must be individualized. The length of time a person is treated depends upon the type of illness, the severity of the problem, the length of time the person has been ill and the physical state of the patient at the time of the treatment. An average course of treatment is eight sessions, though many problems will show marked results sooner. Patients are treated from one to three times per week depending upon the nature of the problem.

      For health maintenance, acupuncture is recommended every four to six weeks and during seasonal changes or times of high stress when we are more susceptible to disease